A New Bible for Tibet


When most people would be thinking about retirement, Pastor Jack Lankhorst dreamed about Tibet.

Thousands of miles away a team of translators, two of which were former Tibetan Buddhist Monks, also had a dream. They dreamed of a new translation of the Bible, because the old one, nearly 100 years old, was full of language and grammatical errors, along with theological challenges. They prayed that when it was ready, it could be printed.

Eventually, the Holy Spirit brought Jack and his team together with a vision that can change a nation. We need your help to make it happen!

Help us print the first 500 new Tibetan Bibles and 500 New Testaments, giving the life-changing message of Jesus to a nation.

$25 per Bible (Costs for initial launch are high but will lower over time.)

$15 per New Testament

Gift amount: $25.00

Minimum Price: $15.00

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