“Sister’s Parsonage in Snowfall” Print

Painted by Robert Hunt. A record snowfall in 1932 made Angelus Temple a rare wonderland. Signed limited edition, 24”×18” print of the Sister’s Parsonage in Snowfall are available for a gift of $75 each.

Receive a FREE print of the Sister’s Parsonage in Snowfall with a donation of $150 or more.

With a donation gift of $225, we will ALSO send for free, an Angelus Temple print (24″x18″) and Azusa Street print (24″x16″).

Angelus Temple
Angelus Temple (24″x18″ print) by Robert Hunt
The Azusa Street Revival
The Azusa Street Revival (24″x16″ print) by Robert Hunt


Gift amount: $75.00

Minimum Price: $75.00

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